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How To Fix A Hole In The Wall

Drywall is made of calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum) which is a light material. It is compressed between thick sheets of facer and backer paper. These materials are used because it’s easier to shape and cut them when installing ceilings and interior walls.

But, these light materials of your drywall can’t withstand any pressure or force. Many mishaps of pressure shock can make a hole in your drywall. 

Now, you may call professionals for drywall repair. But, these professionals may charge you a lot. Therefore, you may fix or patch these holes yourself. 

So, How To Fix A Hole In The Wall 

Small Drywall Hole Repair

Step One 

Collect a few tools – drywall knife, sandpaper, paint, brush, rag, joint paper tape, (premixed) drywall compound.

Step Two 

To fix the hole, you should not keep any protruded section. So, use the drywall knife to cut and smoothen the protruded areas. 

Step Three 

Now, you have to stick the joint paper tape on the hole. The tape must be bigger than the hole. 

Step Four 

Use the premixed compound on the hole. You can use the drywall knife to do this. 

Step Five  

After applying the paper compound, you have to wait for 3 hours. After that, you have to use the rag to clean the place. Then, use the sandpaper to smoothen the area. 

Step Six 

Then, apply another coat of the compound. After that, wait for 3 hours. You can use the sandpaper to smoothen the rough place. 

Step Seven 

Now, you can use the paint in this place. Your paint should match the room’s color. After the painting is done, the hole will disappear from the drywall. 

Large Drywall Hole Repair 

Step One 

You will need the tools and materials – drill machine, drywall screws, slim wood strips, a drywall piece, a spirit level or balancing scale, mesh tape, sandpaper, drywall joint compound, a utility knife, paint brush, and paint. 

Step Two 

A hole in your drywall may have different types of shapes. But, the hole must have a proper form. 

So, use the utility knife to give your drywall hole a shape. You can make the hole’s shape rectangular. 

Step Three 

Now, cut a drywall board that fits the hole snugly. Then, screw one or two wood strips behind the drywall hole. These wood strips will support the drywall board. 

So, take the rectangular-shaped drywall board and use four screws (four corners) to tighten the board. Now, your drywall would have no big hole. Just the four sidelines of the board will be visible. 

Step Four 

After that, use the mesh tape to cover the sidelines. Then, use the joint drywall compound. Let it dry for 3 hours. Use sandpaper to smoothen the place. Then, apply another coat of joint compound on the sidelines. 

Step Five

After 3 to 4 hours, you can apply a coat of primer to the place. But, before using the primer, you can use sandpaper to clean the spot well. After the coat of primer, you can use the paintbrushes to paint the area. 

Drywall repair is not a tough job. You have to be patient, and you have to invest some hours in doing this. 

But, if you think repairing your drywall is a complicated process, then you can contact us to get the job done. 

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